An industrial warehouse consists of workstations, transit areas, parking areas and little used spaces. How is it possible to guarantee adequate worker heating in a large area with heat loss?

Discover K-HEAT – The innovative total radiation system for workstations

In particularly cold industrial environments due to the absence of a heating system, we have created our system that allows, without heavy installation costs, to obtain thermal comfort zones perfectly sized for the operation area.

With a simple movement of the electric circuit, in a few minutes we will have the desired thermal comfort effect.

It consists of our Work-type Green Panel Platform, which with the radiant effect from the bottom upwards ensures the body is in perfect comfort, and high or very high temperature radiant panels, to be positioned at a height of about 3 meters, raise the even air temperature, especially to irradiate upper limbs.

  • Closed places must have healthy air in a sufficient quantity obtained preferentially with natural openings and when this is not possible, with ventilation systems, taking into account the working methods and physical efforts to which the workers are subjected;

  • In industrial premises where the air is subject to wetting due to work reasons, the temperature and humidity must be maintained within the limits compatible with the technical requirements.

  • The temperature in the work rooms must be adapted to the human body during working time, taking into account the methods of work applied and the physical efforts imposed on the workers

The irradiation of the panels allows, through a suitable sizing, to increase the perceived temperature under the radiation area in according to the needs.

In the large operating areas, when production needs do not require heating the complete volume, it will be sufficient to supply the right power, at the right height, over the operating workers area.

Those are heating system powered by electricity components, without combustion, regardless of the total thermal power installed, they are not subject to ISPESL or fire man controls.

Their versatility also allows them to be repositioned in the environments according to the needs and to be able to reinstall them in case of transfer.

In different sizes and powers they are easy to position and require no maintenance.


That’s why the Green Panel Office radiant platforms are fundamental: +why having to heat the whole work environment by consuming energy when instead energy costs could be optimized with individual heating to be used only for the necessary time ?*In fact, it would be enough to keep the central heating system to a minimum and keep the individual workstations “warm”, according to the needs of the various employees.

Green Panel Work takes care of all this, that is, low consumption electric heating platforms designed specifically for offices, a home office or any work environment that is operated statically for a long time: they are activated when needed and you can they go out when the expected comfort is reached, according to individual needs. They have been specifically designed to be positioned under desks or workstations.

Economic, low consumption and discrete, they adapt perfectly to any work environment and to any type of furniture, they do not present installation problems because they connect to the power supply

Elements of the K-HEAT system

Heating platform – Green Panel Work

HHT radiation lamp

Valido dal: 01/01/2017WORK PLATFORMPANEL HHT
Bearing structureAluminiumSteel
Dimension mm1250X1250X351030X300X80
Surface materialAluminium
Weight Kg125,5
Static load kg250
Protection gradeIPX0IP44
Voltage230 V AC230 V / 400 V
Electrical absorption340 Watt1000/3000 Watt
Elements3x1000 Watt
Cleaning method ( system not powered )steam/wet cloth
Main thermal trasferIrradiation Irradiation
Indirect thermal trasferConduction

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Functional and optimized for energy saving

You are looking for a practical and economical solution for heating
your shed or your workshop?
Ask our experts for energy saving advice on the type of platform that best suits your needs.

You are looking for a practical and economical solution for heating
your shed or your workshop?

Ask our experts for energy saving advice on the type of platform that best suits your needs.