An office is made up of people and each of them has a different heating perception: those who want warming to the maximum and those at the minimum; those who can not put their “noses” out of the office and those who would like the window open all day. And this is a reason for quarrel. But what is the right way to heat an office?

riscaldamento uffici

Functional and practical

riscaldamento per uffici

Resistant and durable

Managing temperature in the workplace isn’t so symple. Usually for common spaces such as offices, especially when open spaces, the variables to be considered are numerous, starting from the habits of the work colleagues that populate the space and from the possible dispersion that can be generated if the work space is communicating with the exterior or accessible to the public. In fact, buildings guarantee average air temperatures that often do not take into account exposure, cold flow induced by doors and stairs, the speed of replacement air and, no less important, the subjective needs of inhabitants determined by physical conditions and metabolic.

The law has also intervened to resolve this longstanding issue. To understand what and when it is possible to heat a work environment and how to do it, the legislator has established precise rules with the aim of preventing harmful consequences for the environment due to improper use of heating systems, in general, and consequences for the person such as the appearance of health problems and seasonal illnesses typically associated with changes in temperature between external and internal environments.

Here are the three limits to the freedom of plant management introduced by the rules on office heating.

  • Remember: the maximum temperature limit in office rooms is 20 degrees with a tolerance of 2 degrees more because of the lack of calibration of the thermostats of the heat generators and / or room thermostats.
  • Every country are divided in geo-climatic areas. The law determine, from north to south, for how many hours a day and for which months of the year the heating can remain on.
  • It is not always possible to prolong the heating period or time of heating systems! On particularly cold days, the law makes it possible to extend the annual exercise periods and the daily duration of activation of the heating systems after issuing an institutional ordinance.

To optimize the real perception of heat and promote thermal comfort in the workplace, the technical research in the field of personal thermal wellbeing focuses on the development of localized heating techniques and tools, as an alternative to classical heating, useful to satisfy the different personal body temperature requirements and ensure compliance with the regulations by the employer.

GreenPanel is a heating board that work on the well-being of the individual person. Simple and quick to place in the desired place, it is characterized by a radiant surface that offers heat from direct irradiation, enveloping the person in his operating space. The first effect is the direct heat to the feet that, thanks to the conductive effect, reach an optimal temperature in a short time. Green Panel allows to obtain a rapid heat input without interfering with the well-being of colleagues because it transforms electrical energy into thermal in a few seconds and this allows its use “on-demand” or when actually necessary, only those who are using it , without waiting time and with minimum quantity of electricity

You are looking for a practical and economical solution for heating
your shed or your workshop?
Ask our experts for energy saving advice on the type of platform that best suits your needs.

You are looking for a practical and economical solution for heating your shed or your workshop?

Ask our experts for energy saving advice on the type of platform that best suits your needs.