Heating panels

Do you works in industries or warehouses? In these places it is difficult to maintain heating suitable by low cost. The spaces are really great and being able to work without suffering the cold is rare. These situations create dissatisfaction with people forced to work in unpleasant conditions.

Industrial heating panels allow you to optimize energy costs with individual heating, to use and take advantage of when needed at the places where it is required. Thought for when the temperatures are extremely rigid and it feels it needs to provide thermal comfort mainly on the legs, avoiding energy waste.

Why Green Panel Work-L heating panels are ideal for industries?

Costs to ensure that the appropriate temperature remains constant are high, only focus on areas that really need heating, such as the locations that occupy most people during the working time. Every workplace has spaces that are used less, such as switching areas, storage, warehouses and heating in these places is a waste of useless energy.


Therefore, the panels and hotplates are the better solution to ensure a localized heating in large, low-capacity warehouses, to be used only for the time that the workplace is occupied by people. They warm up quickly and without waste, activating when needed and shutting down at the end of work. Ideal especially when the cold is extremely rigid and located on the legs.

GreenPanel Work-L is the ideal energy-saving solution to ensure the ideal thermal conditions in any industrial work environment for all working people.

Innovative and low power, connecting to a normal electrical outlet do not have any installation problem. They also fit perfectly into any working environment.

Less costs, less cold and more comfort: a solution you do not give up!

Data sheet    
Valid from: 01/01/2017COMMON ELEMENTSIOfficeWork1Work2
Bearing structureAluminium
Dimensions mm1250 X 1250 X 301250 X 1250 X 30N.2 sup. 1250 X 600 X 30
Surface material Similar wood LaminatedAlmond aluminum sheetAlmond aluminum sheet
Color/finishwalnet/grey oak/mapleAluminiumAluminium
Weight kg171214
Static load Kg130250250
Outdoor useNoYesYes
Voltage230 V AC
Electric absorptionWatt 340Watt 340Watt 340
Thermal productionWatt 340Watt 340Watt 340
Minimal heat yield time10 / 15
Cleaning method (system not powered)damp clothdamp clothdamp cloth
Electromagnetic emission ( EMF)Not detected
Form of main thermal transferIrradiation
Form of indirect thermal transferConduction