Heating floor panel

Do you work in large industrial spaces, warehouses or laboratories? Needless to say, it is often difficult to provide adequate heating which is able to completely cover these huge buildings. This is really great space and it’s not uncommon to find yourself working in the cold, forcing employees to wear heavier garments and creating discomfort and discomfort. Working in a cold environment does not like anyone!

I pannelli Green Panel Work sono la soluzione. Perché?

The costs of maintaining a constant temperature in this kind of environment are high, as well as a considerable waste of electricity for nothing: in every environment there are areas without heating, such as areas of warehouses or place where only machines are stored or storage areas, areas where there is little passage.


It is enough to focus on the areas that really need heating, such as the workplaces where employed work more or less, from desks or workstations where they are sitting or standing and working continuously.

This type of context is typical for the Green Panel Work platforms: by placing them under each workstation or desk, localized, low-consumption heating is guaranteed, to be used for the time when it is necessary, ie in the time when the workstation is occupied by people. It is activated when necessary, it goes off at the end of the job. The platform heats up quickly and without waste.

The electric heating platforms are the ideal solution of energy heating to guarantee to all the people operating the best thermal conditions in every working environment.

Innovative, low consumption, discrete, they adapt perfectly to any work environment, do not present installation problems as they connect with plug and paly.

Less costs, less waste and more satisfaction and feeling of comfort for people: never again without!

Data sheet    
Valid from: 01/01/2017COMMON ELEMENTSIOfficeWork1Work2
Bearing structureAluminium
Dimensions mm1250 X 1250 X 301250 X 1250 X 30N.2 sup. 1250 X 600 X 30
Surface material Similar wood LaminatedAlmond aluminum sheetAlmond aluminum sheet
Color/finishwalnet/grey oak/mapleAluminiumAluminium
Weight kg171214
Static load Kg130250250
Outdoor useNoYesYes
Voltage230 V AC
Electric absorptionWatt 340Watt 340Watt 340
Thermal productionWatt 340Watt 340Watt 340
Minimal heat yield time10 / 15
Cleaning method (system not powered)damp clothdamp clothdamp cloth
Electromagnetic emission ( EMF)Not detected
Form of main thermal transferIrradiation
Form of indirect thermal transferConduction