Electric radiant heating floor panel

Do you work at home or in an office? In colder times, at the desktop in sitting and static position, if heating it is not enough, you feel malaise. Work is less productive because of the uneasiness caused.

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An adequate office heating system is not easy to realize, the perception of heat and cold is subjective, linked to metabolic conditions, age, clothing, often conditioned by airflows and proximity to dispersing walls such as glass windows, with the potential waste of energy if additional traditional personal heaters are adopted.

Studies conducted by US companies involved in the air conditioning sector, can denmostrate that 52% of employees perceive their office as too cold (source: Andrew Air Conditioning), having to resort to alternative solutions such as the use of hot water bag (8.3 %) or extra clothing, such as sweaters, jackets and scarves (56%). Working under these conditions is not optimal and decreases the quality of work and satisfaction.


The reason why Green Panel Work radiant become fundamental: why do you need to heat up your entire main heating system by consuming energy when you can optimize energy costs with individual heating to use just for the time you need? In fact, it would be enough to keep the central heating system down to the minimum and keep an individual “hot spots”, depending on the needs of the differents employees.

Green Panel Work is the answer to these problems, low power consumption floor heating systems designed for offices, a home studio or any work environment that works statically for a long time: they are activated at the time of need and they quit to achieve the expected comfort, depending on the individual needs. They have been specially designed to be placed under the desks or workstations.

Economical, low consumption and discreet, they fit perfectly to any work environment and any kind of furniture, they do not have installation problems because they connect to the power supply

Data sheet    
Valid from: 01/01/2017COMMON ELEMENTSIOfficeWork1Work2
Bearing structureAluminium
Dimensions mm1250 X 1250 X 301250 X 1250 X 30N.2 sup. 1250 X 600 X 30
Surface material Similar wood LaminatedAlmond aluminum sheetAlmond aluminum sheet
Color/finishwalnet/grey oak/mapleAluminiumAluminium
Weight kg171214
Static load Kg130250250
Outdoor useNoYesYes
Voltage230 V AC
Electric absorptionWatt 340Watt 340Watt 340
Thermal productionWatt 340Watt 340Watt 340
Minimal heat yield time10 / 15
Cleaning method (system not powered)damp clothdamp clothdamp cloth
Electromagnetic emission ( EMF)Not detected
Form of main thermal transferIrradiation
Form of indirect thermal transferConduction